Tashi Lhunpo Monks

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check which audio format your smart phone can use for custom Ringtones before purchasing a Tashi Ringtone.

Where Can I Buy Tashi Ringtones?

Tashi Ringtones are available direct from the iTunes Tone Store exclusively for Apple devices running iOS5 (and above). For info on how to access the iTunes Tone Store from your Apple handset please click here.

MP3 format Ringtones are also available from The Tashi Lhunpo Monks' Bandcamp page, www.tashilhunpomonks.bandcamp.com. The Apple compatible .m4r files are also included as a bonus file with each Bandcamp download as the Bandcamp chaps are very clever indeed and have no issues with freedom of choice and self-determination when it comes to audio formats.

What Audio File Format do I Need?

Tashi Ringtones are custom audio recordings of Tibetan Buddhist Instruments, designed for use as Ring and alert tones. This kind of Ringtone has sometimes been referred to as a TrueTone as it is an actual audio recording, rather than a synthesized Mono/Polyphonic Ringtone, typically associated with older mobile phones.

Many smart phone handsets are able to use MP3 files as Ringtones, although if you're an Apple user (running iOS5 and above) you'll need the Ringtones in .m4r format to be able to experience the true path to smart phone/tablet enlightenment.

Whatever audio file format you opt for, please also bear in mind you'll need to be able to transfer your downloaded file, preferably in a calm and peaceful manner, to your phone or tablet of choice via e-mail/Bluetooth/i-tunes - depending on the requirements of your device.

What's a Smart Phone?

Not sure what a smart phone is? Well, if you're still using something resembling a 1980's brick phone then, on the balance of causality, it's probably not possible to set custom Ringtones on your handset. However, if the terms Android, App store, and the phrase “Is any restaurant nearby offering discounted lunch codes online?” are part of your daily vocabulary then there's a good chance you have a smart phone, and can indeed achieve Ringtone nirvana.